Research Fellows

Dr. Rabah Mouras
Senior Research Fellow
Rabah is a Senior Researcher Fellow within MOSAIC group at the Bernal institute. His research activities are include Nano-Bio-Photonics, focusing on the technological development of advanced label free, high resolution imaging tools based on optical micro-spectroscopy (Raman, SERS, CARS, SRS, TPEF, SHG…) in combination with scanning probe microscopy (AFM, SNOM) for applications in both materials and biosciences. To date he has published 29 articles and 1 book chapter and has an H-index of 14 with over 515 citations.
Dr. Aladin Mani
Research Fellow
Aladin holds a PhD in physics from Namur University in Belgium. He has previously worked as a principal researcher at AECS in laser physics and from 2013-2016 as a project manager in an SME laser company in Belgium. He is now working at the University of Limerick with the MOSAIC group as a research fellow. His main research activities are in optics and lasers and all related industrial prototyping. He has about 36 published papers, 2 awards, and 4 patents.